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Decolonizing Design: Reframing Appropriation, Inspiration, and Representation in Design

Welcome to my passion! Having spent many years dismayed at the perpetuation of cultural appropriation and misrepresentation that plagues fashion and performance design, I wanted to know why. What inherent paradigms seem to exist in our western design and training processes that perpetuate cultural appropriation? And how do we navigate the apparent demands of our profession with an eye on inclusive storytelling, rather than repeating our legacy of racist and euro-centric representations?


Geared for all levels of learners, professionals, teachers and scholars, I welcome the opportunity to share these insights and recommendations with you and your group! I'm also happy to customize a presentation for your audience.

Speaking fees vary depending upon length of engagement, size of audience, and level of customization, so don't hesitate to contact me!

Image by Tamanna Rumee
Booking Request

Thank you for your interest in having me speak!

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